Fishing Continues

Fish Count as of 7/13/2012:37 Trout   2 Bass   3 Got Away 7/13/2012: The fish are playing hard to get and we have had less time to get to the lake amid summer activities. We did catch one single fish today in a three hour outing, gauging the distance to the nearest lightning strike to range from 12-25+ miles. The weather over us did improve while the lightning continued around the area, and that brought out swimmers and a bike ramp to our fishing dock for some tricksters to leap into the lake. Not deterred, we held our ground an kept our lines in the water, warning swimmers against becoming the catch of the day. I'm sure some thought it odd that we did not yield to them and go on our way. Thpppppppppppttttt!!!! We were there long before those fair weather weanies today. Abby was entertained by flips, twists and flops of the bikes and their riders soaring off of the jump and into the water, .... and comments about how much it hurt their balls.... Naturally! We'll be looking for their videos on YouTube. Here's one already!(7/14/12) - posted by some user of YouTube - shot after we had gone home for dinner. This was our entertainment while fishing. We held ground on the right end of the dock, fishing off of the corner. All of the swimmers had departed by this time as well. 6/12/2012: For the first time ever, we caught our limit. That's 5 fish each = 10 today! (and a lot of blood and guts)